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Lisa Taylor
St. John Para Educator
St. John Support Staff
509-648-3336 x 137
Rob Taylor
St. John Board WIAA Rep
Board Of Directors
Corrie Tollett
Endicott Counselor
Amy Watt
St. John Special ED Director
St. John Elementary Teachers
509-648-3336 x 112
Curt Wells
Endicott Transportation/Grounds Director
Endicott Transportation
Jerek West
MS Social Studies/History/PE Teacher
MS Teachers
509-657-3523 x 217
Ethan White
HS History
HS Teachers
509-648-3336 x 128
Heidi White
HS Math
HS Teachers
509-648-3336 x 136
Donna Wigen
Central Office Support Specialist
509-648-3336 x 131
Haley Workman
St. John Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher
St. John Elementary Teachers
509-648-3336 x 120